Matrix Housing


We are a unique co-operative providing affordable housing and health & social care services.

As a not-for-profit cooperative of housing associations, we are responding innovatively to the country’s need for more affordable housing.

We are a partnership of eight highly skilled associations:

• GreenSquareAccord
• Rooftop Housing Group
• Trident Social Investment Group
• WATMOS Community Homes
• The Pioneer Group
• Black Country Housing Group
• Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
• Citizen

We collectively manage over 100,000 homes across the wider Midlands region. 

Building Better Towns and Cities – Creating Communities

Urban renewal is at the heart of what we do. We understand the importance of physical regeneration of neighbourhoods as well as provision of support to communities and we have significantly invested in new developments in the Midlands.

We have an extensive range of culturally sensitive housing and care & support services as our region has a large BAME community client base. We have won awards for developing customised, culturally specific initiative projects, including the community cohesion project Bend it Like Birmingham; Big Lottery Pay Ahead Stay Ahead and Digital Deal.

Social Inclusion

Founded on fairness, we have a longstanding commitment to equality of opportunity, respect and empowerment, entrusting residents to work alongside our colleagues in delivering services. We have never just ‘managed’ housing but have built successful communities where people look after one another, diversity is celebrated and individuals feel safe and valued.

Our residents enjoy good homes and are encouraged to empower themselves, reach their potential and improve quality of life for themselves and others.

We continue to enhance our services to the disadvantaged communities we serve. We meet housing need, provide support for health and care needs, opportunities for volunteering, training, jobs and enterprise creation.

The Future

Whilst we have a deep-rooted role in the neighbourhood and communities where we operate, our reach is national. We continue to influence the national housing policy agenda. Our partnership continues to grow, both through development and in an increasing range of activities.

In July 2018 Matrix was announced as a Wave 1 Strategic Partner with Homes England, securing £77million of funding to deliver 2,257 additional new homes by March 2022.

Check out the story board of our partnership history

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